• Quote – Edward P. Gallagher

    “JFM was a full partner in all aspects of planning, implementation, and on-site production of our Centennial Ball — a landmark event attended by four of the Nordic Heads of State and 1,200 guests – providing creativity and organizational expertise that was indispensable!”

    —Edward P. Gallagher
    President, American-Scandinavian Foundation

Joan F. Morgan

Joan F. Morgan President

Founder and Senior Consultant

Joan F. Morgan launched the original JFM Productions – a fundraising, development, re-positioning, and event management company – after having been an Emmy Award-winning television producer. At that time, she decided to transfer her television production skills to more cause-related projects. The combination of her production experience, blended with fundraising, project management and a passion for not-for-profit causes, has always distinguished JFM from other special event companies.

Joan took a hiatus from JFM and became the first Executive Director of New Yorkers for Children (NYFC), the first not-for-profit agency in the history of New York City created to work in partnership with the city’s child welfare agency. In this role, Joan experienced the fundraising world from the other side of the desk. That experience continues to be invaluable to her and her company’s ability to understand and respond to the client’s needs.

Joan returned to her company, now called The JFM Group LLC, with a renewed ‘holistic’ approach that incorporates strategic planning, fundraising, project management and program production into a unique blend designed to accomplish short and long term goals and objectives, while taking the entire effort to the next level. New Yorkers for Children became her first new client and thus began an exciting new chapter in JFM’s history.

Joan has worked with a phenomenally broad range of organizations: small, medium, and large; regional, national, and global. Once Joan decides to take on the client and its mission, she and the JFM team are totally committed from that moment forward.

Joan shares her leadership, creativity, experience, relationships and judgment with her team. Together, they constantly learn and grow, in order to better serve their clients and to continue to raise the bar in the not-for-profit world.

Joan’s interests and expertise are channeled through her passion for projects that benefit women and children, the arts, the environment, conservation and preservation, education, healthcare, and humanitarian aid to name a few. The diversity of the projects outlined in the JFM client list and current projects showcase JFM’s outstanding track record.

Email: joanm@thejfmgroup.com

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    Joan Morgan with friends at the 2016 Women’s March

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