Strategic Planning

First, The JFM Group LLC provides an overall assessment of your organization’s existing  fundraising strengths, challenges, and potential.

Second, as a result of this process, JFM creates the right individualized action plan for both your short- and long-term fundraising goals.

Third, JFM presents a detailed, specifically designed strategic action plan that is equal to the ever-changing challenges your organization faces in the current fundraising marketplace.

Overall, JFM will work with you to:

  • innovatively and professionally enhance and update an established project
  • re-energize and rethink a developing project
  • or, give a creative and organizational jump-start to a new project

Board Development and Management
Your Board of Directors is integral to the success of any organizational/fundraising undertaking. With hands-on, experienced leadership and guidance, JFM can either help create or continue to evolve the right Board for you:

  • First, the make-up and diversity of your board has to be specifically balanced to respond to your organization’s needs and aspirations
  • Second, each board member must demonstrate a passion and personal buy-in to, and for, the work
  • Third, your board must then commit to the project with the understanding of the depth of the responsibility they now hold—financially and/or through other definitive ways
  • Fourth, your Board’s personal ownership, as well as their pride in being a part of a larger group, must fuel their ability to participate in the execution of a strategy successfully


Meet the skilled professionals of the The JFM Group

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