December 12, 2019

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Founder Joan F. Morgan Announces Jessica Marsillo as
New Owner and President


December 12, 2019 (Pelham, N.Y.) — After 35 years of having founded, raised and grown The JFM Group, a New York-based company that provides overall strategic planning, individualized fundraising campaigns, event and production management to not-for-profit organizations, Joan F. Morgan announces she will pass the baton at the end of 2019. She is thrilled to announce that her colleague and friend, Vice President Jessica Marsillo, will become the president and owner of The JFM Group as of January 1, 2020. Morgan will stay involved in the company as Founder and Senior Consultant.

“I call her Jessica “Fabulous” Marsillo — another JFM! It is difficult to end this amazing 35-year run, but the timing is right. And, I have every confidence in Jessica, with whom I have worked side-by-side for the last 12 years,” said Morgan. “She is passionate, dedicated, and the next generation agent of change. She will bring her own unique skills to the next era of The JFM Group, and she will ensure a seamless transition for our many clients – who I also call dear friends and partners.”

Marsillo, who started as a Project Associate 12 years ago and has since risen through the ranks of JFM, says she has some big shoes to fill by stepping into the role as Owner and President of JFM. “Joan created an extraordinary company that has deep roots in our city’s and world’s nonprofit community. JFM is cutting-edge, ever-evolving and takes on the most challenging projects. As founder and leader, Joan has built an incredible reputation and enormous good will in the industry. I love it with as much heart and soul as she has for 35 years,” said Marsillo.

Moving forward, Marsillo wants to “inspire people the way I have been inspired by Joan, our clients and our colleagues. I want to continue to infuse my own style, energy and vision to expand our team, grow our areas of expertise and make our clients believe that they can make an impact in ways they never knew.”

The JFM Group is a small, powerful company with a specialty of working with not-for-profit organizations to raise their fundraising efforts to align with their mission and level of work; create and implement tailor-made strategic fundraising plans; and create, manage and execute meaningful, educational and inspiring events and programs. They strive to work with organizations that are doing good in the world and are using the money raised in efficient, impactful and successful ways. Whether the money they raise is helping to keep the doors open at an organization, funding medical research or education scholarships for underserved students, the JFM team puts their all into every project.

A former Emmy Award-winning TV producer, Morgan founded the company 35 years ago from her apartment dining room table with just a telephone and a mission. Her goal was to work with not-for-profit organizations that she truly believed in, including those that help women, children, the elderly, literacy and other educational efforts, the arts, underserved communities, healthcare, preservation and the environment. She also started the business with good management, polished writing and editing skills, as well a TV producer’s “eye” for invitations, décor, and all other creative elements.

Morgan has always been dedicated to mentoring her team. She believes for overall success, you must not only hone, but continually expand and refresh your work and life skills.

“We have been fortunate to find like-minded people to join our dedicated and loyal team who feel the same passion to do more in the areas that need it most,” said Morgan. “I am grateful to everyone who comes to work every day ready to take on whatever is thrown at them with their big hearts, incredible energy and tireless commitment to making what we do the greatest success.”

Also a member of the executive team is Senior Strategist and Project Director Amanda Martignetti, who has worked with Morgan for 19 years. “I have always believed in the guiding lights that have shepherded the firm forward,” she said. “We are experts in our field and passionate about what we do. I look forward with great anticipation to Jessica’s tenure as President and Owner. The future is brighter than the sun, and we are ready!”


Marni Lane,
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